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Stream Cosmetics for the Environment

Dear Mother Earth,

It is our promise to you and your inhabitants, including our children and countless future generations, that we
will always conserve natural resources and emit the smallest possible carbon footprint. The science of global warming may come and go, but we believe in good old fashioned common sense.

  • Stream Cosmetics is water-based. Our airbrush cosmetics are pure and designed to be Earth friendly.
  • Airbrush cosmetics generate minimal waste, each use requires only a few drops.
  • Our design team developed packaging that is minimal so as not to litter landfills.
  • Stream airbrush systems are designed to be energy efficient and can run on rechargeable batteries.
  • Our cosmetics are designed to be biodegradable so as to make minimal impact on the environment.
  • At our corporate offices, we follow earth-friendly recycling policies to emit minimal waste.
  • Stream Cosmetics also supports the science and research of alternative energy with the goal of ending mankind's dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Stream reminds everyone to turn off lights and TV's when not in use.
  • Stream encourages its distributors to find ways to give back more and to use less every day.

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